My Very First Post & I’m a Published Research Writer, too.

Hello and welcome to ToDo OT. As you’ve read in my About Me page, I came up with the idea to start a website where both Spanish and English speaking families and therapists can come together to better understand and communicate exactly what it is an occupational therapist does and can do to help children with special needs. I have been an avid writer for as long as I can remember and recently since becoming a “big girl” with a “big girl job”, I have lost my connection to writing. But now I am able to not only continue to write, but also write about something that I am extremely passionate about, being a Bilingual Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Charlotte, NC.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I must say that I am currently jumping out of my skin because as of August 8, 2016 I am officially a published research writer for OT Practice. That’s right, if you’re a member of AOTA and receive the OT Practice look for Volume 21, Issue 14. There you will find the article my professor and another classmate worked on called, “Use of Tablet Computers by Occupational Therapy Practitioners“. I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that something I researched for over a year is now being read by OT’s around the country.

Now that the standing ovation has quieted down, I can continue about this blog and website. There will be tons of information both in Spanish and English that will provide insight into Pediatric Occupational Therapy but more than that, I want ToDo (which is a complete play on words for everything in spanish, not just a typical To Do List) OT to be a brand and place that practitioners can come together and learn, explore, and be just as proud of their career as I am.

Keep checking in there is plenty more to come ❤


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