Halloween Therapy Takeover

Over the past week Halloween has taken over every aspect of therapy. From the clothes I wore to the activities I did, I took full advantage of the fact that I could theme all of my activities. And it really seemed to have motivated my kids. The excitement on their faces was worth all the time I spent on Pinterest and in Dollar Stores coming up with ideas and finding the supplies.

We started the week with basic Halloween crafts so we could have items to decorate the facility. I somehow always find a way to incorporate cutting skills into ANY craft. For the kids that are working on basic cutting skills, such as snipping and appropriate grasp on scissors, I had them snip pieces of paper and then paste them on their Halloween themed cartoon.


For my older kids, they worked on many different fine motor skills. This activity truly provided a great opportunity to individualize for each client. In the picture below, you can see the “blocking” of their names, thank you HIPPA. But you can also see we not only worked an consecutive cutting but also writing their names and pre-writing designs,  and even peeling stickers for fine motor strengthening.


If only practicing cutting and writing your name over and over made everything better (Where’s my OT magical wand?!). Instead we practice in EVERY way possible. I got this bright idea from here, which was basically one of my go-to activities of spaghetti and beads activity. Most of my kids really enjoyed it.


And they even forgot they were working on their grasp because they didn’t want to drop the skull.

As if it wasn’t enough that I got to theme all my activities, I also had the opportunity to involve my families by having my kids dress up.


Which only meant, even Elsa enjoyed a fun time in OT.

Until Next Year,



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