New Year, New Crayons

After wrapping up the first week of therapy in 2018, all of the “fresh start” quotes and new years resolutions come rushing in.  As an occupational therapist, I can speak for so many of us when I say we set goals of less documentation at home, more themed activities, and so on and so on. But what we really want is all the NEW STUFF. This year the kids and I were lucky enough to start the new year with NEW CRAYONS, but not just any crayons, specially designed modified crayons!

If you’re not an occupational therapist or your child is just starting their occupational therapy journey you may not know why modified crayons would make any therapist jump and sing for joy. Working on fine motor skills is extremely broad as everything we do involves some sort of strength, coordination, or manipulation skill. However working with children with difficulties in fine motor skills is often a challenge within itself. Let’s be honest, who wants to work on something that is hard for them? I know I don’t, so I enjoy finding products and items that make working on these skills a little more entertaining or less difficult.

Effortless Art Crayons not only makes it entertaining and less difficult but it also makes it fun. Children often find new things fun and exciting; they like figuring out how new things work in order to play with them.  While the kids are having “fun”, I get to see them use an age-appropriate grasp, with a little help. Now if you are not an OT or too familiar with grasp, there are various kinds of “age-appropriate” grasps (see below) that a child will use as they develop.


A lot of times kids have difficulty using and developing a dynamic tripod grasp due to poor hand strength in which they will use a premature grasp. There are a lot of different techniques and activities that help with strengthening a child’s hand. However it can be a challenge to get a child to change the way they use their grasp if it is the way that’s easiest for them.

The Effortless Art Crayons lives up to their name with their ease and minimal to no effort for a child to use them. Their triangular shape not only makes it fun for the kids but are designed to allow a child to easily pick up a crayon, grasp it correctly, and begin to color easily and correctly. The kids truly enjoyed the feel of the crayons as they are soft and easy to use without having to use too much strength or pressure. The raised middle allows a child’s fingers to have support and helps create a reminder of where their fingers belong on the crayon.

Effortless Crayons.jpeg

Overall, the kids loved the crayons and I loved the excitement it brought every time I brought out the “fun crayons” as a lot of this kids named them. I would highly recommend these crayons to any parents and therapist who are looking to improve their child’s grasp.

Keep working those fine motor skills 🙂


Disclosure: This product was gifted to ToDo OT  for a product review. The opinions are completely my own and based on my experience with them. I was not financially compensated or this post.

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