What’s in the OT’s Pocket?

This section should be called, “What ISN’T in the OT’s Pocket”, because some days I even surprise myself by the amount of items I can stuff into my scrubs pocket and completely forget about until I’m sitting on my car ride home and feel a sudden poke. I believe when I make this statement I can speak for most occupational therapists, not just the pediatric ones, but really how do we end up with so many items in our pockets? Most days, I can’t even remember the moment, let alone the client I was working with when I suddenly felt the need to place said random item in my pocket. But it happens, and not just once in a while, but on a consistent basis. So I figured this would be a great consistent post, similar to Friday Funnies, that others can chime in on and even add to their blog. Stay tuned because the items that I find in my pocket are worth the constant page update.

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